We have created a hand drawn, animated children's cartoon called "Firefighter Frank." The animated feature is thirty-minutes in length. The script encompasses fire safety rules, procedures, and exercises neatly told in a children's storybook format.

The Firefighter Frank cartoon is the featured attraction on a fully authored DVD. As a bonus feature, the DVD includes a short featurette called, "A Day in the Life of a Firefighter." This is a live-action film where the fire chief takes viewers on a walking tour of a real fire station. During the tour, references are made to the Firefighter Frank cartoon.

The fire safety program has been specifically designed for pre-school through 5th grade. Initial test data from an independent study yielded some dramatic results. Children were tested before viewing the cartoon and after. The scores were consistent. There was a 150 to 200 percent increase in the number of fire safety questions answered correctly after viewing the Firefighter Frank cartoon. Children will enjoy watching this cartoon over and over, and mimicking the crazy antics of the adorable characters. Firefighter Frank was created with the help of firefighters and fire educator's from across the U.S. to insure quality and accuracy.